Protect your OneNote and Evernote notes.

Saferoom encrypts your notes and attachments before they are uploaded to Evernote or OneNote cloud. Thus your notes become encrypted and protected against any data leaks.

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Saferoom Encrypted services examples

Supported Services

How it works

Encrypting Evernote notes on iOS


Encrypting Evernote notes on Android

Encrypting Evernote notes on macOS


Encrypting Evernote notes on Windows

Saferoom Chrome Extension


With help of Saferoom Chrome extension you can decrypt your Evernote notes directly in the browser. Saferoom Chrome extension works directly with Evernote website, and it does not require any accounts.

The decryption operation is done in memory and you will need to input your password for manual decryption.


Saferoom Chrome Extension download

Real zero-knowledge encryption.

AES-256 bit encryption
Strongest encryption available

To protect your data Saferoom uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm with a key length of 256-bit. Currently, it is the most secure algorithm in the world which is used for military-grade confidential documents.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption
Everything is done inside your device

Saferoom is a completely client-based application. This means that Saferoom operates only inside the device where it has been installed. Data is encrypted directly inside the device and only leaves the device in an encrypted format. Further, in order to give our users true zero-knowledge encryption, Saferoom keeps the password inside the device. It means that the password cannot be restored. Hence, this ensures that you are in absolute control of your data.

Data protection
Data will always be in an encrypted state

Because Saferoom encrypts data directly inside the device, any information that is pushed to cloud services stays in an encrypted format. It means that even if a cloud server is breached and information is stolen, your data will remain in an encrypted format.

Saferoom is simple.

Our target is to create software that is seamlessly integrated into existing platforms and adds a 'piggy-back' encryption functionality. We want our users to keep their own flow of things, to keep their processes and to receive an option to encrypt data they want. Hence, our aim is to build Saferoom in a simple form.

Our Small Team with Big Ideas and Strong Bonds

  • Ilia Zelenkin photo

Ilia Zelenkin
Co-Founder, Operations/Strategy/Front-End

Ilia is a Saferoom co-founder, and is responsible for strategy, product development and mobile versions. Ilia has been working in biggest telecom vendors as a Product Manager for software innovation, and has more than 8 years of experience building solutions at a global scale. Self-studied Objective-C programming and now is responsible for OS X and iOS development.

  • Alexey Zelenkin Photo

Alexey Zelenkin
Co-Founder, Technologies/Online/Cryptography

Alexey is a Saferoom co-founder and is responsible for software architecture, processes and Windows systems development. Alexey has vast experience in different cloud and virtualization software which he gained working in telecom and software companies R&D. All this expertise gives Saferoom a great perspective in terms of software architecture.

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